OFF TOPIC: Johann Johannsson

I'm here to talk about a new classical piece from
Icelandic composter Jóhann Jóhannsson, entitled "The Rocket Builder", off his new album Fordlândia.

What? Classical? Huh?

I happened to come across
Jóhannsson's 2006 work, IBM 1401: A User's Manual, a giant strings-and-computer-blip-and-reel-to-reel opus that's positively haunting. It defies one's expectations of what classical music can really sound like, even to frequent listeners. I recommend that five-movement work to all readers and listeners.

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Pitchfork gave the album a decent review, and left this MP3 behind for anyone who is interested. I have yet to hear the whole work, so I won't go into some sort of review, but I will say based on this track, the sound is somewhat different from IBM 1401. If you like what you hear on that track, definitely dive into his body of work though. It's not what you expect. Check his Myspace here for more information.

Anyways, here's the MP3 -- THE ROCKET BUILDER



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