Tinted Windows are for real... we think

Well, the Tinted Windows apparently are for real.

No, really. They have a website. And a song, off an album that's apparently coming out.



In other news, Raggedy Annie sat down for an interview with Howlies this week. They came up to WSOU just before their show in New Brunswick @ The Court Tavern (with Love Among Ruin and The Loose Roosters).

They have matching shoes. Kicktastic.

Pictures to follow. Tune in Sunday night to hear the interview on The Campus Buzz!


Lastly, did we tell you WSOU has a Twitter?




The first taste of Cursive's Mama I'm Swollen is here!

Cursive - From the Hips - MP3

Decidedly blunt. Decidedly Cursive.


U2's No Line On The Horizon - Review

U2 has always been able to walk the thin line between reinvention and repetition in their long history. It's been said again and again, but a band capable of staying relevant for 30 years has something good, some sort of secret X-factor that allows them to do that. If you look back at their history, rarely can you say that two of their albums have sounded the same. All that You Can't Leave Behind is NOT Pop is NOT Achtung Baby is NOT Joshua Tree is... well, you get what I mean.

This time around, U2 yet has modified their tone again to create a cohesive, listenable-from-front-to-back album, all while managing to keep their core sound intact. It becomes obvious why this album was given a March release date and not a bombastic June blowout -- U2 comes off as much more reflective this time around then even their last record, How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb. Like the album cover, there's a certain sense of zen and calm on these eleven tracks that is unlike anything I've heard from the group before. In fact, it's probably good to note that the lead single, "Get On Your Boots" is not a good representative of the content of the rest of the album -- that song's a standalone, as if the band was lobbying to be the theme song of the next Bond movie.

The album starts off strong. "No Line on the Horizon" has two heads - Bono lets lose on the verses, but the chorus is reeled in a sort of good-cop-bad-cop routine that is surprisingly effective. It gives way to "Magnificent", a slow-building synthfest that gives way to some classic Edge work and a Bono preoccupation with the title word. It remotely feels like "Original of the Species, Part Two". "The Moment of Surrender" is one of the high points of the album -- Bono might have finally Found What He Was Looking For.

Other points of note on the album include the three-song sequence of "Stand Up Comedy", the confusingly-named "FEZ - Being Born" and "White As Snow". The three tracks almost run as a three-moment piece, because the transitions between these varied tracks are virtually seamless. "White As Snow" is bound to become a fan favorite, but "FEZ" stands highest among the three - it calls back to "The Unforgettable Fire" or "Acrobat" in its arena grandeur. A final high point worth noting is the second-to-last track, the 5-minute long "Breathe", where Edge and Bono seemed to show a little Bob Dylan influence.

Now, that X-factor I mentioned? It becomes quite apparent on this album that their secret weapon has been and still is long-time producer Brian Eno. Some cracks are apparent in the facade of this U2 installment ("Unknown Caller" relies heavily on the band's chanting segments of the lyrics, which sounds less like a motif than a lack of inspiration for a tune) but Eno has done a great job of giving this batch of tracks integrity, and even a subtle unity. It makes sense that the one sore thumb ("Get On Your Boots") is a Steve Lillywhite production and not Eno's. Otherwise, the album is a masterpiece of production. Clicks, whirs, synth and vague echoes to previous tracks all seem to fit together like a dream that slips away when you wake up.

The album stumbles a bit at the end -- Bono starts to ramble on "Cedars of Lebanon", as if Sting and Randy Newman had a lovechild whose future career narrating documentaries. But whether or not one finds it to be an overwhelming problem relies on their philosophy about music listening. For those in the 21st century who do not listen to albums from beginning to end anymore (read: virtually everyone) there is lots here to pick and choose from. For those who do listen through albums in their entirety, it does not really detract from the overall package.

No Line on the Horizon mostly imparts a feeling of reflection. The members of U2 are getting older -- they have been from the day they released "Boy". Their trip through life has produced everything from "Sunday Bloody Sunday" to "With Or Without You" to "The Fly" to "Vertigo". One can get the feeling from No Line that these guys are taking a breather to reflect on everything that has come before. We got hints of this on How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb ("Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own"), but it's full-force on this album. Introspection is fine, as long as it doesn't overtake you.

This is not a bad album. In fact it is a nice addition to U2's body of work, expanding into some aural territories they have not touched much on before. It's understated, and maybe it's understated to a fault. With that established, this thought lingers: the next album needs to be fierce.

Scarecrow's Score: 6/10



Let's try this out... Just got U2's album in today here @ WSOU, and I'm going to liveblog my listening of U2's new album, "No Line on the Horizon" right now. An in-depth review to follow, but here's first impressions:

Track 1 - No Line on the Horizon - Great intro. It feels very ballsy for U2 in a counterintuitive kind of way. It's kind of retro. Bono's yelping in the verses, and I like it. "I know a girl..." starts out the verses in a very retroish way. Digging it.

Track 2 - Magnificent - Grungy start, Bass drum heavy. Some synth(?) syncopation. Very "late night on a big city street after the rain" feel. Like a danceable Taxi Driver. Once the intro gives way to the lyrics, it's not booming, but it's catchy. Does feel... old. These guys are aging, this album hasn't hidden that yet. But they're aging gracefully so far on this album.

Track 3 - Moment of Surrender - I liked this song a lot that I didn't even type much. I just kind of listened. The title lyrics pop out at you. It's engrossing.

Track 4 - Unknown Caller - Starts out like a rainstorm. Then, Bono's falsetto is iffy. The Edge backs it up with a beautiful riff or three that sounds like he made it up as he went (in a good way). Lyrics don't hit till about 1:50 in, which doesn't feel like it because you get lost in Edge's guitar. This sounds like something that could have been on All You Can't Leave Behind. The chorus is kind of flat. It's chanted, not sung. The title makes me think of "The Fly" (which is a call from a resident of Hell, according to the band), but this isn't Achtung Baby at all. It's more "Walk On" than anything. Not my favorite track so far, but I think it might be a third or fourth-single. Take close note at the Edge's guitar solo... this might have been what they meant when talking about this being "different" or "experimental". The Edge's solos are usually tight and short. Wow, I had lots to say in these 6 minutes... next track.

Track 5 - I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight - What an unfortunate title. Starts strong, Bono's falsetto bugs me a bit (it doesn't fit). Lyrics are substantial, sounds like Atomic Bomb, but not. What amazes me again and again about U2 is their ability to change their sound album after album - except for their first few albums, you can't say that one sounds like the next (Achtung Baby is NOT Joshua Tree is NOT Pop is NOT Atomic Bomb is NOT this.) At about 2:30, I hear some ugly synth I think. U2 rarely does well when they go outside of their standard instrumentation. Or wait, might those be real cellos?

Track 6 - Get On Your Boots - I think I'm listening to the Strokes after that intro. Wait. This is the single. The video underscores what I said from the first time I heard it: It's U2's attempt at making a theme song for a Bond film. Does anyone realize how little Bono actually sings in this song after the first 50 seconds? The rest is mostly chorus and breakdown... I think the best way to describe this is "Love it, Hate it". I happen to kind of like it. It's growing on me.

Track 7 - Stand Up Comedy - U2-tries-funk. A few seconds in I think he made a Twin Towers reference. If I'm right... Oh Bono. Anyways, It's got a groove to it. The falsetto here's not bad. One thing I am noticing... The songs don't necessarily sound the same, but they aren't incredibly varied. I think that's true of a lot of their albums. No album sounds the same as another, but what's on there is produced in such a way that the album is unified in a certain tone. (This is Eno coming through).

Track 8 - Fez (Being Born) - Echoes of "Get on Your Boots" are layered over a very smooth, slightly creepy intro. 1 minute in it gets crazy, then the song picks up in a way that I haven't seen since the long intro of "The Unforgettable Fire". Started out odd, but it's slowly becoming one of my favorite songs in this listen-through so far.

Track 9 - White As Snow - More of this electronic-techni-production that sounds like it could be a Radiohead B-side, but again, it gives way about a minute in to something different. A ballad. "All I Have Is You" or "One Step Closer" come to mind. It'll take a few more listens from the world, but this might become a U2 classic. Not like the rest of the album in arrangement. A little bluesy-folksy.

Track 10 - Breathe - Another bubbling, searing, seething intro. Sounds positively angry. It's almost like a hi-fi Black Keys intro. Now it's getting into a bluesy guitar jam. Bono ran out of notes, so he just reads the lyrics. Waiting for "Bad to the Bone" to come on... well it was just a joke, but anyways, that part gave way to a chorus. Beautiful actually. The Edge shines here. And the chords and arrangements are not what you'd expect.

Track 11 - Cedars of Lebanon - the big finish... or is it? Bono's sitting in a bar or coffee house somewhere, and he's missing something. It is rambling but kind of relaxing. Not sure how I feel. Wait for the final review.


That's it for now. You can stream it from their myspace if you want to play along. Comment with thoughts when you listen to it, or just comment on my own ramblings.

Vampire Weekend Remix

Check this:

Vampire Weekend v. Miike Snow: The Kids Don't Stand A Chance




Hey everyone, here's tonight's playlist:

I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris - Morrissey
Same Old Thing - The Black Keys
Free Not Free - Clinic
Spaceman - The Killers
Just Like Heaven - Joy Zipper
Swagger - The Vox Jaguars
Blasphemy - Yves Klein Blue
The Midnight Choir - The Thrills
It's Summertime - The Flaming Lips
I Think I'm In Love - Beck
Pale Bride - The Von Bondies
After Hours - We Are Scientists
Never Had Anyone Like You - M. Ward
House of Lies - The Shortwave Set
You Really Got A Hold On Me - She & Him
Will You Smile Again? - And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Our Dead
Fields of Coal - And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Our Dead
Silver Lining - Rilo Kiley
Breakdown - Blackgold

Let us know here or at CampusbuzzWSOU@gmail.com if you liked any of the new music. Also, REQUEST IT NEXT WEEK!


The Streets -- Rave?

Contrary to what I gathered from the contemplative content of The Streets' last release, Everything is Borrowed, it appears that Skinner is going to go back to the studio and do one more album before calling it quits.

And, well, he wants to go rave it up.

It's like a bachelor party for his whole life. One last bit of crazy before the family dance really takes over.

Whatever it turns out to be, I'm excited. Everything is Borrowed was a tight, refined, well-arranged album.




The Smashing Pumpkins' James Iha.
Fountains of Wayne's Adam Schlessinger.
Cheap Trick drummer Bun E. Carlos.
Hanson brother Taylor... well, Hanson of course.

Did anyone ever imagine that these four would form a band.

Well, apparently they're called Tinted Windows.

It's way too early for April Fools Day.

The album is on its way.
Look for their big stage premiere @ SXSW.

Vox Jaguars EP release party

By popular request, we dug up this video from The Vox Jaguars' Friday Feb 13th release show in Santa Cruz. The song's called "Metropolis". Enjoy.


Mastodon album release date

Mastodon's new album, Crack the Skye, has finally gotten a release date.

Just like Cursive's recent announcement of the coming-soon Mama, I'm Swollen LP, Mastodon's new album is not far off either. Seems to be a new trend - announce your album just weeks off from the release, not months. Allows you to save a bit of $ on ad campaigns (or at least make your promotional push

Look for Crack the Skye in stores/elsewhere on March 23.

(No doubt the leaked copy will hit the net sometime sooner.)


O'Death live @ Speigeltent

O'Death live @ Speigeltent. Not new stuff, but a good video nonetheless.

Titus Andronicus: Absolute Zero

On good word from some friends, the Titus Andronicuz/Los Campesinos two-night stint at the Bowery Ballroom was great. They've been touring the midwest recently as well (Chicago, Grand Rapids and elsewhere).

Here's some travelogue video from TA ^^^


15.FEB.2009 Playlist

Beck - Scarecrow
The Von Bondies - Pale Bride
The Decemberists - Sixteen Military Wives
The Dandy Warhols - And then I dreamt of Yes
Yves Klein Blue - Blasphemy
Albert Hammond Jr. - GFC
The Annuals - Confessor
Morrisey - I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris
Bon Iver - Skinny Love
The New Pornographers - Laws Have Changed
Peter, Bjorn, & John - Nothing To Worry About
My Morning Jacket - Dance Floor
The Smashing Pumpkins - Tonight, Tonight
The Vox Jaguars - Swagger
Fountains of Wayne - Michael & Heather at the Baggage Claim
Joy Zipper - Just Like Heaven
The Get Up Kids - Close To Me
The Kooks - Love It All // Sway
Glasvegas - Geraldine
Modest Mouse - Gravity Rides Everything
Audrye Sessions - Turn Me Off
O'Death - Home
Sonic Youth - My Friend Goo
Oasis - Cast No Shadow
Matt Pryor - Still There's A Light
Margot and The Nuclear So & So's
The Postal Service - We Will Become Silhouettes
The Bird and the Bee - Love Letter to Japan


Death Cab v. Autotune (2009)

I editorialize with pride when I say this:

Thank you Death Cab. Narrow Stairs may arguably have been underwhelming in hindsight, but at least you didn't autotune on it. Thanks for starting a campaign against it.

Autotuning. What a crock.


Off the Decemberists' newsletter:

Cutting straight to the chase: we Decemberists are pleased (and not just pleased, but pleasêd) to announce, here in 72 dpi glory, the dates of Phase One of the "A Short Fazed Hovel" Tour 2009. Before we throw those dates out, we feel it important to remind you that the online ticket pre-sale is currently underway (except for Boston and Philly, whose pre-sales will start Wednesday). Click HERE to get going on that!

And without further ado, here's Phase One:

May 19 - Hollywood Palladium - Los Angeles, CA
May 20 - Fox Theatre - Oakland, CA
May 21 - McDonald Theater - Eugene, OR
May 24 - Wilma Theatre - Missoula, MT
May 26 - Fillmore Auditorium - Denver, CO
May 27 - Uptown Theater - Kansas City, MO
May 29 - Riverside Theater - Milwaukee, WI
May 31 - The Pageant - St. Louis, MO
June 1 - Lifestyle Communities Pavilion - Columbus, OH
June 3 - Tabernacle - Atlanta, GA
June 4 - Memorial Auditorium - Raleigh, NC
June 5 - The National - Richmond, VA
June 6 - Tower Theatre - Upper Darby, PA
June 9 - Bank of America Pavillion - Boston, MA
June 10 - Radio City Music Hall - New York, NY
June 11-14 - Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival - Manchester, TN

Now, before you get your boyfriend's borrowed boxer-briefs in a clove hitch because your particular city of residence is not on that list, remember, dear Mailing List Recipient, that this is merely Phase One. Decemberists HQ will be doling out more information as, you know, it seems pertinent.

Public on-sale will happen on Friday, the 13th of February. The day before Valentine's Day. The Decemberists would like everyone to know that although this is a happy coincidence, considering that our new record is called The Hazards of Love and deals heavily with the potential pitfalls of romance, it is purely an act of coincidence; not the machinations of major record label's over-eager marketing department. That's right: higher powers were involved.

The format of the tour is simple. The show will consist of two sets: one in which we Decemberists perform the record, The Hazards of Love, in its entirety (joined onstage by the immeasurable talents of M'mes Becky Stark and Shara Worden), and another where we perform a tidy selection of older material.

And what better way to dispel the jitters of performing a dense, 58 minute piece of music for the first time than to play it headlining NPR's SXSW showcase in Austin, TX, on March 18th, which will be in turn broadcast and webcast to hundreds of thousands of listeners? Well, we'll be doing just that. Hope to see you there!

Oh and: The Hazards of Love is out on Capitol Records on March 24th. And as always, to keep abreast of things Decemberist, consider joining up with the /orate forum on decemberists.com: http://orate.decemberists.com


The Decemberists


Raggedy Annie will hopefully be seeing the SXSW show.
I'm just hoping to secure Radio City tickets.


Playlist 2-8-09

Oasis - Shock Of
Decemberists - From my Own True Love/ I'm Sticking with You
Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah - Is this Love?
Noah & The Whale - Shape of My Heart
She & Him - Really Got a Hold On Me
REM - I'm Gonna DJ
Muse - Map of the Problematique
O'Death - Home
Ben Folds - Hiroshima
Radiohead - House of Cards
Yves Klein Blue - Polka
Shiny Toy Guns - Ghost Town
Coldplay - Viva La Vida/Life in Technicolor II
Cursive - Harold weathervein
Bright Eyes - Arc Time
Peter Bjorn & John - Nothing to Worry about
Morrissey - I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris
Felice Brothers - Radio Song
Grand Archives - Swan Matches
Kaiser CHiefs - Spanish Metal
The Von Bondies - Pale Bride
THe Nightwatchman - Saint Isabelle
My Morning Jacket - Wordless Chorus
Franz Ferdinand - No You Girls
Polyphonic Spree - Mental Cabaret
The Editors - Munich
Beck - Derelict

PB&J Video

Peter Bjorn and John "Nothing To Worry About"

New PB&J video!


Swollen March

Cursive's got a new album. And it's not that far away.

One of Saddle Creek's oldest acts has set a March 10 release for the oddly-named (and doomishly covered) Mama, I'm Swollen.

Seems typical for a Cursive album -- ten tracks and out:

01 In the Now
02 From the Hips
03 I Couldn't Love You
04 Donkeys
05 Caveman
06 We're Going to Hell
07 Mama, I'm Satan
08 Let Me Up
09 Mama, I'm Swollen
10 What Have I Done?


Coldplay Tour Dates for Summer 09

Excerpt of Coldplay's tour announcement, posted today:


10th - Portland, OR - The Amphitheater at Clark County - on sale 14th Feb
11th - George, WA - The Gorge Amphitheatre - on sale 14th Feb
13th - San Francisco, CA - Shoreline Amphitheatre - on sale 14th Feb
16th - San Diego, CA - Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre - on sale 13th Feb
18th - Carson, CA - Home Depot Center - on sale 21st Feb
21st - Dallas, TX - Superpages.com Center - on sale 14th Feb
22nd - Houston, TX - Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion - on sale 21st Feb
24th - Maryland Heights, MO - Verizon Wireless Amphitheater - on sale 14th Feb
25th - East Troy, WI - Alpine Valley Music Theatre - on sale 14th Feb
29th - Toronto, ON - Venue TBC - on sale 13th Feb

3rd - Mansfield, MA - Comcast Center - on sale 14th Feb
6th - Raleigh, NC - Time Warner Cable Music Pavilion - on sale 13th Feb
7th - Charlotte, NC - Charlotte Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre - on sale 13th Feb
9th - Tampa, FL - Ford Amphitheatre - on sale 21st Feb

By the way, voting for the Best Live Act at the Brits closes tomorrow evening - we'd be very much obliged if you'd vote for Coldplay (wherever you are). Click here to do so. Thanks.



No NY/NJ/Phila dates yet, but holding out for some Fall ones.



Coldplay, on the lead of Brian Eno, is kicking out Chris Martin...

from the studio.

Apparently, Eno's trying the other three guys' songwriting talents out, and saving Chris for the vocals only. Normally, the band works off of Martin's demos, so it's pretty much a total reversal.




Bonnaroo's lineup has been announced (Complete with Bruce Springsteen & Phish!) Check the bottom of this post for the complete listing...

But before we get there, here's a snippet for you:

A week before the Decemberists release their new album, Hazards of Love, they will play the album in its entirety live @ SXSW. The appropriate guests on the album (My Brightest Diamond's Shara Worden and Lavender Diamond's Becky Stark) will all be in attendance for the singing.

In an interesting marketing move, the Decemberists' performance will be broadcast and webcast on NPR. Other bands playing the NPR showcase have yet to be announced.

Oh, and have another Decemberists song while you're at it: The Rake (MP3)


Now, for the Bonnaroo lineup:

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band
Phish (two shows)
Beastie Boys
Nine Inch Nails
David Byrne
Al Green
Snoop Dogg
Elvis Costello Solo
Erykah Badu
Paul Oakenfold
Ben Harper and Relentless7
The Mars Volta
TV on the Radio
Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Gov’t Mule
Andrew Bird
Merle Haggard
The Decemberists
Girl Talk
Bon Iver
Béla Fleck & Toumani Diabate
Rodrigo y Gabriela
The Del McCoury Band
Of Montreal
Allen Toussaint
Coheed and Cambria
Booker T & the DBTs
David Grisman Quintet
Lucinda Williams
Animal Collective
Neko Case
Jenny Lewis
Band of Horses
Robert Earl Keen
Citizen Cope
Femi Kuti and the Positive Force
The Ting Tings
Robyn Hitchcock & The Venus 3
Grace Potter and the Nocturnals
Kaki King
Grizzly Bear
King Sunny Adé
Okkervil River
St. Vincent
Zac Brown Band
Raphael Saadiq
Ted Leo and the Pharmacists
Crystal Castles
Tift Merritt
Brett Dennen
Mike Farris and the Roseland Rhythm Revue
Toubab Krewe
People Under the Stairs
Alejandro Escovedo
Vieux Farka Touré
Elvis Perkins In Dearland
Todd Snider
Portugal. The Man.
The SteelDrivers
The Knux
The Low Anthem
Delta Spirit
A.A. Bondy
The Lovell Sisters
Alberta Cross




The Smashing Pumpkins song "premiere" was quite underwhelming.

If you blinked, you missed it. (Much like the 1-second Miller High Life ad that got away from me...)

FOLLOWUP: Here's a link to download the MP3 of this song. Comments on the Hyundai-free full version of the song?


Playlist 2/1/09

Closer - Kings of Leon
She's Electric - Oasis
My Mathematical Mind - Spoon
Soldier Jane - Beck
Never Miss a Beat - Kaiser Chiefs
In My Life - Ben Lee
No Sunlight - Death Cab For Cutie
Nobody Moves, Nobody Gets Hurt - We are Scientists
Black Mamba - the Academy Is...
Buddy Holly/ The Good Life - Weezer
Lifeboats - Snow Patrol
Ripcord - Radiohead
Lost - Coldplay
Souled Out! - Conor Oberst
Fa Fa - Guster
One Month Off - Bloc Party
Nothing to Worry About - Peter, Bjorn & John
Human - The Killers
Troubles - The Beta Band
Do You Realize? - The Flaming Lips
Cross Bones Style - Ct Power
Turn Out the Lights - The New Amsterdams
Eyes - Rogue Wave
Knight of Cydonia - Muse
No Better Place - Fountains of Wayne
Perfect Symmetry - Keane
No Cars Go - Arcade Fire
Hold Music - Architecture in Helsinki