Playlist 10.30.2011

This week on The Campus Buzz, The Violet Femme seriously considers dressing up for Halloween. But she then realizes it wouldn't be the same without a partner in crime.

Neon Sign & Baby Goth: Campus Buzz Halloween 2010 

Speaking of Halloween, check out The Flaming Lips' 24-Hr song! It'll start at midnight Oklahoma time (shoutout to their roots), just in time for the holiday.

*Leave It – Bombay Bicycle Club
*Your Eyes – Bombay Bicycle Club
Hey – The Pixies
*Red River – Dignan
Little by Little – Radiohead
*Midnight City – M83
Itchin’ on a Photograph – Grouplove
Colours – Grouplove
*Younger than Yesterday – Real Estate
Stack Shop Billy – The Black Keys
*What’ll We Do (demo) – Someone Still Loves You, Boris Yeltsin
*Sour Lemons – Zoe Boekbinder
*Seven Times – Zoe Boekbinder
*We’ve Said It Before – The City & Horses
In the Aeroplane Over the Sea – Neutral Milk Hotel
*Sure as Hell Not Jesus – Cosmo Jarvis
Dead Man’s Hand – Ha Ha Tonka
*Woman of the Wrong Kind – The Blue Van
For Annabelle – Band of Horses
*E. Watson – The Decemberists
*On a Boat – Silver Jackson
So Oh No Now – R.Y.E.
*Weekend – Class Actress
Noche Nada – Givers
Ceiling of Plankton – Givers
*So – Girl in a Coma
*Doors Unlocked & Open – Death Cab for Cutie
*Eagle’s Nest – Caronline Smith & The Goodnight Sleeps
*Ate the Sun – Mr. Gnome
*House of Circles – Mr. Gnome
Don’t Change Your Plans
*Pear Tree – We Were Promised Jetpacks
Witch – Maps & Atlases
*The Ballad of Two Vultures – Musikanto
*Colors in the Grey – Musikanto
*What You Do – Oh Mercy
*Go Go Go Go – Hess is More
*Maps & Destinations – I Build Collapsible Mountains
*Loney Blues – Loney Dear
*Botanist - Guineafowl
I'll Be OK - Sondre Lerche
So Let Us Create - Jukebox the Ghost

*Denotes new music


Playlist 10.23.2011

This week on The Campus Buzz: about a million things happened. The Violet Femme and The David Rind Experience tore up the town at the CMJ Music Marathon, The Violet Femme brought home a cool new poster, a handful of photos were taken and the comrades saw more bands than they could count. Everyone is currently exhausted and exhilarated.

Tune in next week for an interview with the Hush Now!

Up Up Up – Givers
Noche Nada – Givers
*I’ll Drown – Soley
Come Back Home – Two Door Cinema Club
Lost in the Dark – Milagres
*Sincerely, H.C. Pregerson – Emperor X
Say You’re the First – Sky White Tiger
Returning the Shard – Sky White Tiger
*We Are Young – fun.
The Most Trustworthy Tin Cans – Maps & Atlases
*I Am a Hologram – Mister Heavenly
*Stop – Twin Sister
Santa Fe – Beirut
*Change the Sheets – Kathleen Edwards
*The City Has Left You Alone – Kevin Devine
*Stumbling Man – Vanish Valley
Rooftops – Hush Now
*Gay Pirates – Cosmo Jarvis
At Least I Have You – Mates of State
*Went to the City – Crooked Fingers
Your Ex-Lover is Dead – Stars
Bridges – Fallulah
I Lay My Head - Fallulah
*Wonder Who You’re Singing For – Hess is More
*Maps & Destinations – I Build Collapsible Mountains
*In Our Circles – Guineafowl
*Deconstruction – Fanfarlo
Dolly – Fruit Bats
*July – Youth Lagoon
Oh My God – Cults
Weathervanes and Chemicals – Team Me
*Take What You Need – Musikanto
O’ Sister – City & Colour
Outta My System – My Morning Jacket
*Too Much On Your Mind – Sun Wizard
In the Areoplane Over The Sea – Neutral Milk Hotel
Thistle & Weeds – Mumford & Sons
If I Had a Boat – James Vincent McMorrow
Don’t Carry it All – The Decemberists
Dark Storm – The Jezabels
Walk Me Down – Gospel Claws
Chop and Change - The Black Keys
Don't Lose Yourself - The Orbans

*Denotes new music

Oh hey, CMJ photos!

Well, a handful of them, anyway. The Violet Femme may or may not have used her camera only one day out of the past four...but that still counts for something, right? Long story short, she and The David Rind Experience were waaay too busy seeing shows, hanging out with fellow college radio geeks (what up, WWSU and Osprey Radio!) and giving their livers a workout to pose for photo ops.

The shows that did merit camera use are all below!

Guineafowl rockin' the lower level of Piano's 

Camping out on the floor for Now, Now 

Cosmo Jarvis upstairs at Piano's
Tiny guitar!

Oh haaay, John Steel Singers

Neon Indian 
Neon people 
So. Much. Neon.


Mega Major Humongous Thanks

It's a bit battle-worn (a weekend of being carted from bar to bar will do that), but here's what we brought home from CMJ. Our little radio show is makin' it big.

This poster was the cause of a lot of tears (happy ones), about a thousand hugs and innumerable blubbered thanks. Thanks to our promoters, listeners, fellow radio cohorts and friends. This is just. too. much.

Catch you tomorrow night, friends, 8-11pm EST as usual. Stream us live from anywhere. Cool shit coming up includes an interview with the Hush Now, plus a ton of rawkin' photos a la Cosmo Jarvis, Now Now, Fallujah, The John Steel Singers, Guineafowl and Neon Indian. It's been one helluva weekend.


Playlist 10.16.2011

This week on the Campus Buzz: The Violet Femme broadcasts without headphones (her rabbit chewed through them--sob), Angie and Emily save the show by providing great tunes AND a laptop charger, and everyone gets excited for CMJ. Aaaaaaaaaah yeah, kids!!

PS -- Are you attending CMJ? We would love you forever if you helped promote the New York area's only indie/alternative show! The Violet Femme has been nominated for Specialty Music Director of the Year in this year's College Radio Awards. She's crossing her fingers for a win, because that might actually mean more weekly listeners. So if you're in the area on October 20th, be sure to stop by for College Day and cast your vote. If you do, we'll play your requests forever and ever.

Kids – MGMT
Bite – Chocolate Bread
Golden Slumbers – Ben Folds
*From Above – Ben Folds
Genevieve – Hidden Pictures
*Pear Tree – We Were Promised Jetpacks
The Charm – Maps & Atlases
*World’s Got A Handle – Sun Wizard
You’re True – Eddie Vedder
*Sky of Dresses – Musikanto
*False Wind – Musikanto
Mykonos – Fleet Foxes
*Black Candles – Crooked Fingers
Living Dangerously – Sondre Lerche
This Year – The Mountain Goats
*On The Run – Oh Mercy
*Rainbounce – Reptar
*Deconstruction – Fanfarlo
Lovely Cup – Grouplove
*Going Looking for the End of the World – Hess is More
I Won’t Fall Apart on You Tonight – Eleanor Friedberger
*Bunga Bunga – Nous Non Plus
Holocene – Bon Iver
*Face of Thunder Grin – I Build Collapsible Mountains
Save it for Somebody Else – Fink
*Masochist – The John Steel Singers
Houdini – Foster the People
*My Lonely Arms – Guineafowl
Got it All – Portugal. The Man
*Loney Blues – Loney Dear
Crystalfilm – Little Dragon
*Smashed Birds – Soley
*Pretty Face – Soley
*Sail Away – The Rapture
Baby, You’re In Luck – Apostle Hustle
*Canada Day – Emperor X
*Allahu Akbar – Emperor X
*Chainsaw – Little Gold
*Beggar in the Morning – The Barr Brothers
*Louder than Ever – Sarah Jaffe
*Rosie – The Kooks
*Cannons – Youth Lagoon
*Sure as Hell not Jesus – Cosmo Jarvis
*Hannah’s Song – Caroline Smith & The Goodnight Sleeps
*Hard to Love – The Drums
*We Are Young – fun.

*Denotes new music


Playlist 10.09.2011

This week on the Campus Buzz, The Violet Femme and The David Rind Experience bond over a surprisingly shared love of dub step. Or at least, this food-centered use of it.

Holiday – Vampire Weekend
Tangie and Ray – Fruit Bats
*Cannons – Youth Lagoon
Sticks and Stones – Bronze Radio Return
*Amanaemonesia – Chairlift
*Cameraphone – Hush Now
In the Waiting Line – Zero 7
King of Carrot Flowers, Pts II & III – Neutral Milk Hotel
*Young Hearts – Loney Dear
*My Heart – Loney Dear
Lost in the Sea – Leftover Cuties
*Toes and Fingers – The John Steel Singers
*We Are Young – fun.
*Botanist – Guineafowl
*Stop – Twin Sister
Smoke Detector – Rilo Kiley
*I’ll Drown – Soley
*Bad Dream – Soley
Skinny Genes – Eliza Doolittle
*Pixiedust – Ghost Knife
Bedouin Dress – Fleet Foxes
*Sail Away – The Rapture
That’ll Be the Day – Modest Mouse
*A Violent Transaction of the Concordia Headscarp – Emperor X
*Erica Western Teleport – Emperor X
Simple Girl – Dale Earnhardt Jr., Jr.
*Change the Sheets – Kathleen Edwards
Grow ‘Til Tall - Jonsi
*Nervous Breakdown – Shimmering Stars
Sounds Like Hallelujah – The Head and the Heart
*Strong Shoulders – Caroline Smith & The Goodnight Sleeps
*Scholarships – Caroline Smith & The Goodnight Sleeps
Little Lion Man – Mumford & Sons
*Art of Almost – Wilco
My Hands are Shaking – Sondre Lerche
*Salinas – Laura Marling
Your Past Life as a Blast – Okkervil River
*Old Mythologies – The Barr Brothers
One Night in October – Little Comets
*Mike Swan – Little Gold
*Box – Grey Reverend
*Sweet Unrest – Apparat
Sweet James – Alex Winston
*Slow – Grouplove
*Sure as Hell Not Jesus – Cosmo Jarvis
*Taking Pictures of You – The Kooks
*Daffodil – Dan Mangan
*Tell Me What I Did – Ben Folds
*Clementine – Sarah Jaffe

*Denotes new music


Playlist 10.02.2011

This week on The Campus Buzz, The Violet Femme accidentally deletes the playlist and has to type it all over again. In other news, the crew learns that station engineer and Decompressions host Frank Scafidi used to earn his money as a Saturday Night Live extra. The man is a jack of all trades.

Benson Hedges - fun.
*Itchin' on a Photograph - Grouplove
Holocene - Bon Iver
*Junk of the Heart - The Kooks
The Box - Johnny Flynn
*Eagle's Nest - Caroline Smith & The Goodnight Sleeps
Down in the Valley - The Head and the Heart
*Lord Knows We've Got Time - Tony Memmel
*Oh Fortune - Dan Mangan
Home - Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
*One Sunday Morning - Wilco
Ramona Was a Waitress - Paul Dempsey
*17 - Youth Lagoon
50's - House of Wolves
*Chemical Spell - R.Y.E.
Howlin' for You - The Black Keys
Worse for Wear - Vetiver
*Come as You Are - Kevin Devine
*The City Has Left You Alone - Kevin Devine
The Twistable, Turnable Man Returns - Andrew Bird
*Dancing To Music I Hate - Shimmering Stars
When Do You Wanna Stop Working - Jamaica
*Let There Be Horses - The Barr Brothers
You Are A Tourist - Death Cab for Cutie
*Louder Than Ever - Sarah Jaffe
Turn off This Song - The Lonely Forest
*Hazy Hills - Vanish Valley
Birth of Serpents - The Mountain Goats
*Stumblin' Home Winter Blues - Ben Folds
Battle of Who Could Care Less - Ben Folds
Sweet James - Alex Winston
*Wrong Kind of Happy - Cosmo Jarvis
*Siesta (For Snake) - Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
*Sophia - Laura Marling
*Like Mockingbirds - Grey Reverend
*Begging to Borrow - Grey Reverend
*Phonetics - Reptar
*Change the Sheets - Kathleen Edwards
*Pineapple Girl - Mister Heavenly
New York City's Killing Me - Ray LaMontagne
Sweet & Bitter - Junip
Girl With One Eye - Florence + The Machine

*Denotes New Music


Funnier Than Our Playlists

It's not a Sunday. We're not on the radio right now. So why the post?
Because this was just too damn funny NOT to immediately share.


Radiohead + high carb food = internet gold.

See you Sunday night, folks. Keep an ear out for new Ben Folds, Sarah Jaffe, Vanish Valley and Kevin Devin's rendition of Nirvana's Nevermind. The guy did a cover of the album in its entirety and then put it up on his website for free download. What a champ.