Mega Major Humongous Thanks

It's a bit battle-worn (a weekend of being carted from bar to bar will do that), but here's what we brought home from CMJ. Our little radio show is makin' it big.

This poster was the cause of a lot of tears (happy ones), about a thousand hugs and innumerable blubbered thanks. Thanks to our promoters, listeners, fellow radio cohorts and friends. This is just. too. much.

Catch you tomorrow night, friends, 8-11pm EST as usual. Stream us live from anywhere. Cool shit coming up includes an interview with the Hush Now, plus a ton of rawkin' photos a la Cosmo Jarvis, Now Now, Fallujah, The John Steel Singers, Guineafowl and Neon Indian. It's been one helluva weekend.

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Gesina said...

I'm not teary over this. Nope. Never. That would be really weird, which is why I am definitely not doing it.