New Music Preview: The Postelles

A lot of people compare The Postelles sound to The Strokes. I can see what they’re saying, but to me The Postelles are more Brian Wilson and less Julian Casablanca. By the way what’s so wrong with sounding like The Strokes anyway. Nonetheless The Postelles are four guys from New York with a sweet sound. Their songs feel more influenced by Phil Spector’s Wall of Sound and less by grungy garages. Songs like “Stella” and “Boys Bestfriend” sound like something off your parent’s old doo-wop records. In one video on the bands Myspace for the song “White Night” the drummer is sporting shades much like the drummer character from Tom Hanks movie “That Thing You Do”. Coincidence? I think not! The Postelles have been putting the finishing touches on the Albert Hammond Jr produced full length LP that’s set for release sometime in the late spring/summer time.

The Postelles

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