The Good...The Bad..And Violins

I know its a little late for a review of All Points West but I felt it was necessary.

My Top Performances:
Yeah Yeah Yeahs : Just hearing how Y Control was played live on Friday night compared to the album version blows me away.
Cage The Elephant : Their performance made me a fan.
MSTRKRFT : Ending the set with Bohemian Rhapsody was just unreal.
Arctic Monkeys : Played at least 2-4 songs from their new upcoming album "Humbug".

Disappointing Performances:
Electric Touch: Why were they there?
The National: I dont think they've reached a level of success where they should be on the main stage.

Interesting Quote I Over Heard:
"These are the most fashionable trains Ive ever seen" The light rail looked like it was stuffed to the brim with hipster kids from Brooklyn.

Whats the deal with all the bands with violins at All Points West this year. I think APW was going out of the way to find bands who featured a violin. WHY APW WHY? Whats going to be the theme next year? Brass sections?

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