The Jezabels at the Bowery!

Ever check out The Jezabels before? They're simply a symphony of swelling sound that makes you wanna shake your body along and hold someone at the same time. This interpretation could be wrong, but that's what they do for us, and by us I mean me (Type A).  A couple of us saw them this week at the Bowery. They had some GREAT opening acts, too. It's always good when the whole set rocks. And they quite literally did, so follow along for some snippets of the evening, wish you coulda been there :) . <3.

Ben Leftwich with his perfect acoustic, raspy voice and goofy jokes

Then came along Imagine Dragons. Holy MAN.

 just wanna bang on my drum all day

Imagine Dragons- I Don't Mind
This was fantastic, fantastic, fantastic live.

And finally The Jezabels!

Long Highway

Oooo lightsss and smokeee O_O

Dark Storm. What an ending to the evening.
_ _ _

Catch you on the airwaves. Over and out!

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