Firefly Day 1

     The music we like is the music we play and the music we play happened to be collected in one big scoop at Firefly Music Festival in Dover, DE. Type A and long time friend to the CB team, The David Rind Experience waited for this meeting of the indie/folk/alternative minds for quite a while...until it finally arrived.

   If you scrolllll down you can click on all sorts of things, including an interview with OK Go. We've organized these 3 blog posts so that "Day 1" would be on top...because that's how our virtual group mind needs things to be. :). Enjoy!


OK Go confetti everywhereeee.

because we were FAR away...

Here's our interview with Damian and Tim from OK Go.


The Third Man himself.... and (we think) the best performance
of the entire fest....

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