8.12.12 Playlist

Our friend Matt came to hang out with us today in the studio! He just got back from some crazy, smart person trip to South Africa where he took a picture of this (among other wild pictures):

IT'S A CHEETAH DUDE. A CHEETAH. yeah, nothing to do with music, but IT'S A CHEETAH.

Playlist below:

Ok Pal - M83
Die Young- The Danks
*Brand New Kind of Blue - Gold Motel
Rum Rumspringa - Alex Winston
Glass House- Animal Kingdom
I Got You Babe- Bahamas
oOoO- Oberhofer
Wolf Mother- The Mynabirds
U.R.A. Fever- The Kills
White Collar Boy- Belle and Sebastian
It's Only Life- The Shins
From Finner- Of Monsters and Men
Scenic World- Beirut
Bugs- O'Death
Yet Again- Grizzly Bear
I See Things That You Don't See...- Sweet Sweet Moon
*Isn't This World Enough?- Admiral Fallow
Mystery of the Brain- A Great Big Pile of Leaves
*Pet Mouse- A Great Big Pile of Leaves
Crest- The Antlers
Radioactive- Imagine Dragons
*Starfriends on Earth- Stepdad
Need Your Love- The Temper Trap
Take, Take, Take- The White Stripes
The Wanting Comes In Waves... - The Decemberists
*NWO- Deep Sea Diver
*Ships- Deep Sea Diver
Dead Deer- Evening Hymns
*Old Friend- Sea Wolf
Midnight on the Interstate- Trampled By Turtles
High Water- Trampled By Turtles
*Shiver, Shiver- Walk the Moon
*I'll Be Alright- Passion Pit
*Carried Away- Passion Pit
Bitter Moon- Zulu Winter
You Only Want It 'Cause You're Lonely- Parlovr
*Don't You Give Up On Me- Milo Greene
After the Storm- Mumford and Sons
*Always Wanted A Daughter- Melpo Mene
The Loneliness and the Scream- Frightened Rabbit
*Staycations- Kotki Dwa
Time Is Running Out- Muse

*Denotes New Music

Couldn't tell you why there is a mysterious white box haunting our playlist, but it is what it is.

ANYYYWAY, our favorite album of late is History Speaks from Deep Sea Diver. Loads of lyrically rich alternative with hints of old timey piano, wailing vocals, and stomp-a-long rhythm. Well-- WE like it. :)

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