NGHBRS Album Review

Hey Campus Buzzers! Here's Sam's review of NGHBRS' new album Twenty One Rooms. If you wanna pre-order the album, which you totally should, head on over to http://nghbrs.com/!

Remember that band that came out with that nothing short of stellar Hellomind EP? Well, if you do, the guys in NGHBRS are releasing their full-length Twenty One Rooms on July 16th - get excited, it does not disappoint. And if you don’t, start listening to Hellomind to prepare for the awesomeness that is going to attack your eardrums... in a good way.
            NGHBRS takes the raw energy that fueled their debut EP and expanded it into a full-length album. They even added a hint more of that bluesy sound that made Hellomind stand out so much.
            Twenty One Rooms starts off with the band’s ridiculously catchy singles “Hold Up Girl” and “1990.” It then slows down with the track “Wake Me in the Morning.” It’s a nice break from the loud, melodic guitar riffs and drums. But the guys kick the energy right back up with the song “Beneath the Raging Sun.” It’s starts off with an infectious heavy drum beat that slows down as soon as lead singer, Ian Kenny, begins crooning the lyrics. This back and forth nature of the entire song makes it one of the most funs tracks to listen to on the album. Plus, it’s really cool to hear Ian’s vocals range from very smooth and clean to raspy, screaming. NGHBRS then begin to slow down the remaining tracks on the record, only bringing the energy fully up one more time for “Dead Man’s Reprise.” The last two tracks brilliantly showcase the softer side of NGHBRS and end the album on much more chilled out level than which it starts.
           In general, this album sounds like the melodic, badass child of The Arctic Monkeys and The Strokes. Good luck with choosing a favorite track off this record! I’m still attempting to choose mine.

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