1/17/2016 Playlist

*A Bit Out of Time - Mainland
*Wide Open - The Chemical Brothers
*Hunter Gather - Rococode
*Bad Break - POP ETC
Way Too Much - Wavves
Restless - New Order
*Sue (Or In a Season of Crime) - David Bowie
*I Want to Kiss You - The Spook School
*Mess Around - Cage the Elephant
*An Abundance of Strawberries - Julia Brown
*Shake Shake - Battleme
*Voices In My Head - Bob Mould
*Bring My Baby Back - Dr. Dog
*Water - Ra Ra Riot
Lemonworld - The National
Apartment Story - The National
Abel - The National
Night Channels - Foxing
*Hightimes - The Big Pink
*Get Along (Diamond Ring) - Dressy Bessy
*Crystal Crown - Milk Lines
Avocado, Baby - Los Campensinos!
House Lights - Young Empires
4th and Roebling - The Districts
The Cold Part - Modest Mouse
Bottled - Seahaven
Ghost - Neutral Milk Hotel
Heroes - TV on the Radio
*Pray for Rain - Pure Bathing Culture
You Come Into My House, While I Still Sleep? - Look Mexico
New Scream - Turnover
Cat Fanatic - This Town Needs Guns
*Round the Corner - Feral Conservatives
Rage Against the Dying of the Light - The World is a Beautiful Place and I am No Longer Afraid to Die
*Young and Able - Current Swell
It's a Plague, and You're Invited - empire! empire! (i was a lonely estate)
Honestly? - American Football
The Waterboy Returns - Modern Baseball
Grand Central - No Devotion
Why Am I Not Going Underwater? - Snowing
First As a Tragedy, Second as a Farce - Prawn
*Candy Sam - Ty Segall
*Off the Ground - The Record Company
Gas Station Hair - Up Up Down Down Left Right B A Start
I'll Thank You Later - Up Up Down Down Left Right B A Start
Sad Like Winter Leaves - Benton Falls
Sunset - The xx

* Denotes New Music 

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