Coldplay mixes it up with... Jay-Z?

Coldplay and Jay-Z have brought their artistic collaborations full circle.

In 2006, Chris Martin was featured on Jay-Z's album "Kingdom Come", and now Jay-Z will be featured on the Lost! EP, on a remix entitled Lost+. This is the band's third single off the album, and the EP will feature a live cut as well.

Along with this, Uncut and some other sites have reported on Coldplay's other fall/winter release, entitled Prospekt's March. The details are sparse and sometimes conflicting, but based on what was posted on Coldplay.com a while back, it looks like this EP is legit, and the track listing is locked in.

The EP will include B-sides and sessions that accumulated over the recording sessions for Viva La Vida (which if you were paying attention during the lead-up, was codenamed Prospekt). The EP can also be obtained in some sort of deluxe re-release of Viva, which will include the Prospekt tracks.


The Prospekt's March track listing is as follows:

Life in technicolor ii (Technicolor + Added Vocals)
Postcards from far away
Glass of water
Rainy day
Prospekt’s march/poppyfields
Lovers in japan (Osaka sun mix)
Now my feet won’t touch the ground

So to sum it all up:
-Lost! EP (including Jay-Z)
-Prospekt's March EP
-Viva/Prospekt Re(new)release
-Empty wallets for Coldplay fans this November.

In the coming weeks on the show, we're probably going to talk the Creaky Boards/Coldplay Viva La Vida controversy. We're hoping to play the two songs in question back to back, and let you decide if plagiarism took place. Stay tuned!


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