It's been a while - AUDI

Hey readers/listeners,

It's been a while since our last update. Thanks for tuning in Sunday night for our interview with Franz Nicolay. He's now on the road with the Hold Steady, and they had their first show last night down in Louisville, KY. Best of luck to them on their tour! We had a great time having Franz up last Sunday night, and we hope that he will be able to make it back up sometime in the future!


Moving on, Georgeroskos.com shared this with Raggedy Annie and I earlier this week. A lot of buzz has surrounded the music made for the "Notes on Progress", "Separation" and several other Audi commercials. Turns out that this music was specifically composed for the commercials and is no longer than it. However, lots of people have been diligent in their remixing of it, creating longer versions of the tunes.

To download the song, sit through the Audi ad HERE and a link should show up.

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