Battlelines on the Horizon?

Normally Coldplay get ripped on for copying U2, but this time around, U2 is copying Coldplay... for apparently copying someone else, a controversy that may or may not line the pockets of a copyright lawyer somewhere in the near future.

U2's new, "zen" album cover for No Line on the Horizon has been called out as being too much like two previous album covers, as well as a work by Hiroshi Sugimoto. CLICKY CLICKY FOR MORE DETAILS

This comes just as U2 dropped their first single off of No Line, which has been crossing the net in the past 24 hours.

Stream "Get Your Boots On" Here

But, let's get back to the cover thing. Just like we played Viva La Vida and the Creaky Boards' "The Songs I Didn't Write" back to back on the Campus Buzz broadcast last year, let's give you a chance to decide for yourself. Comment on what you think... is the U2 cover too close for comfort to the original?

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