Radiohead Up Periscope, no new material.

Radiohead lent their MK1 stuff to the National Coalition for the Homeless in this ad.


In other Radiohead news, Capitol still seems to have them on a tether: Coming soon, a 12-record vinyl single reissue series from their once-but-probably-never-again label. Pitchfork points out that these come after the recent "garish, pointless CD boxed set, the Best Of disc, the plethora of LP vinyl reissues. Not to mention the Thom Yorke novelty dollar bill, the I Heart Jonny Greenwood pin, and that bumper sticker of a Radiohead bear standing on an ice flow. (Ok , technically those last three are just random 'Head memorabilia we found on eBay, but we wouldn't be surprised if Capitol started selling action-grip Phil Selway figurines very soon.)"

Key word? Milk.

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