"Zero" or Zero? (and is there a crosspromo opp for Coke Zero?)

So, sitting in the WSOU studios on Sunday night there was a Yeah Yeah Yeahs debate. Three of us (Raggedy Annie, Mark and I) had differing opinion on the YYYs. I dig the new song, but I feel as if they've been unable to really get anywhere as an act, since there's an overwhelming demand for "Maps" and not much else.

I came away from the debate still feeling as if they were stuck in a rut, but after an initial listen through the new album, I think there's chance for them to break through to a new level of notoriety.

I'm going to try to get an album review up soon, so hang tight and keep checking the blog.

To hold you over, check out the video for "Zero". I'm digging:

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