Jack's Mannequin, Jukebox the Ghost, Allen Stone

WAHHHH!!! That's a scream of joy... Last night the Campus Buzz got into a flurry-ridden city, ate some deliciously unhealthy street food and saw an EXCELLENT performance from some of our absolutely favorite musical people! If you don't know these bands as of yet, we suggest you change that unfortunate predicament you're in. Please enjoy these snippets of our wonderful evening.

Soul/Reggae/Indie (yeah, THAT's different, right?) band, Allen Stone.

Performing "Empire" 

 Best bass drum ever.

Ever-expressive Ben !!

Singin' "The Stars"!


We got shoved in the back, but hey! 
Jack's Mannequin is STILL great from  anywhere.

Excuse the bad quality, we got stuck in the back...
but here's an amazing-sounding segment of "Caves".

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