HO boyyy. So, hopefully you're aware of who the Kills, formed by the handsome and talented Jamie Hince and the stunning siren Alison Mosshart, are in this world. Last night, A-List and some fellow radio friends took the train in to the ole NYC to see their tenth anniversary performance. Needless to say, but i WILL say it: It. Was. Excellent. And now all of my dreams have come true. Well-- here are some highlights:

Meet Hunters. This girl knows how to waillll!

Raw, stripped down JEFF the brotherhood.

                                                  The beauty herself.


Covering "Crazy" (of Patsy Cline...not Gnarls Barkley)
Please ignore the annoying person screaming in the beginning
...it wasn't...A-List or anything...




                                 THE KILLS: "Last Day of Magic"
                                 Gotta love the nest on her head...that surprisingly remains sexy.


                                   An oldie but a goodie: "F*ck the People"

Last goodbye? Hopefully not!

Happy 10th anniversary!

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