Playlist 12 July 2009

Flaming Lips - the WAND
Mt St Helens Vietnam Band - Anchors Dropped
Kings of Leon - Closer
Kaiser Chiefs - Never Miss A Beat
Ed Hale - Scene in San Francisco
Conor Oberst - Ten Women
The Eels - Lilac Breeze
Beck - E-Pro
Fountains of Wayne - Little Red Light
Band of Skulls - I know what I am
REM - Man Sized Wreath
DInosaur Jr - I want you to know
THe Silver - The Signs
The THrills - restaurant
Howlies - Chimaira
Ben FOlds - You DOn't Know Me
Regina Spector - Two Birds
The Rural Alberta Advantage - Don't Haunt this place
Morrissey - everyday is like Sunday
the decemberists - when the war came
polyphonic spree - running away
carbon leaf- indecision
red collar - pilgrim, the commuter, used guitars (Thanks again to Jason for calling in this week!)
Pete Yorn - don't wanna cry
arcade fire- black mirror
robotonists - wait a minute here
radiohead - let down
my morning jacket - off the record, aluminum park
muse - starlight

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