Red Collar @ Pianos 7/14/09

Quick brief for everyone: Raggedy Annie and I made it out to Red Collar's show at Pianos last night. The show had a house of about 40 people, and despite a late start for the act their set was sizable and frankly quite outstanding. Their energy is outstanding, and their personality oozes out of their performance.

And the stage demeanor of Mike and Jason confirms what Jason said in our interview with him Sunday night - they are INCREDIBLY hard on their instruments. There was a mid-show guitar switch... not sure if it was because of broken strings, but most likely.

If you missed this show, you should be legitimately bummed out. Next time they're through NJ/NYC, get yourself there. Check their tour dates at www.redcollarmusic.com

(PS: Brief Style Alert: Cowboy boots with spurs = excellent choice. Good call, Jay.)


Sarah said...

Where can I find their music? Is there a myspace?

Scarecrow said...


BrooklynRocks said...

I just posted a video from the show:


Anonymous said...

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