Artist of the Month: The Streets

The Campus Buzz Artist of the Month is The Streets.

Mike Skinner, otherwise known as The Streets recently released his newest album, Everything is Borrowed, with much speculation from him and fans that this may be his final album under the moniker.

The album is out in standard formats and also on a limited edition green Streets flash drive, shaped in the lighter design that has graced Streets promo material for years now. If you scrounge the net you can probably find some retailing for about ₤27 or more on auction pages.

Much of the material gives off a retrospective vibe, underscoring the possibility that this will be the end of The Streets as we know it. Scarecrow says he thinks it's a worthy addition to Skinner's overall body of work through his several albums and EPs.

To get a feel for the new material, check out this free download for the final track off the album, "The Escapist". Also included is the video for the song, which is scenic, to say the least.

{The Streets - "The Escapist"}

-Team Buzz

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