Weezer plays Madison Square Garden 9/23/08, in 320 Words

Tokyo Police Club opened the show around 7:30; I made it to my seat just in time for the band to hit their first notes. The venue was practically empty for these fine young Canadians, but as the show continued the seats begin to fill and before you know it – OMG it’s Tom DeLonge and the rest of Angels and Airwaves. Previously, I wouldn’t be able to tell you that I was very familiar with A&A, other than I knew it was a collaborative effort from notable pop punk bands from the 90s grouped together with a more melodic mall-fan feel. During their set I found myself nostalgic for middle school, I saw Blink 182 back in 2000 with Fenix TX and Bad Religion, at which point I was in the beginning of my “punk” phase. Not gonna lie, I was expecting a similar performance. To my surprise, the cheesy intros and catchy tunes were quite infectious. I found myself tapping along and I even recognized a couple songs. Before I knew it, Weezer was on stage – all members in white jumpsuits, which were later, swapped for red. A couple of my favorite highlights of the performance included the ever-present trampoline for Rivers’ enjoyment and their cover of Oasis’ “Morning Glory” (the cover came much later in the show, but I was really impressed by it). Weezer played their hits old and new, including a special rendition of “Undone – Sweater Song” where Tom Delonge and Atom Willard of Angels and Airwaves joined them on stage. The first encore had thirty of Weezer’s biggest NY fans join them for “Island in the Sun” and “Beverly Hills.” But my favorite moment by far was when Weezer played “Buddy Holly” – go ahead, call me cliché but it really was the best possible way to end the evening. Overall, I’d have to say that this Weezer show was the bee’s knees.

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