New Keane! New Keane! New Keane!

New Keane!

The album hits in the UK on October 13, and will be titled "Perfect Symmetry". Here's the first single off the album, "Spiraling". Frankly, it makes me want to head back to 1985.

Look soon for another song off the album, entitled "The Lovers are Losing". We'll post it soon, so check back unless you want to hunt it down on your own.

**Funny tidbit for you: Back in August, a Portugese radio station actually played a third song off the album by accident, entitled "Love is the End", so that's circulating the net right now. The song that reportedly was supposed to be played was "Lovers are Losing", but a simple operator mistake (put quotes around that last word if you're a conspiracy theorist) gave us that third track.


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